Terms & Conditions

ClubNews365 will work closely with all of our customers to ensure that they are happy with their page and we will be as flexible as we can possibly be. Saying that, it is always good to clarify things…with that said here are the few terms and conditions that we have for all customers…

  1. On receipt of the update email from a Club/Group (as determined by the purchased Gold, Silver or Bronze Package subscription), ClubNews365 will update that web page as instructed within 24 hrs* – * Web page updates will not take place at weekends or during public holidays.
  2. Clubs/Groups can make requests to have the structure and format of the web page changed free of charge within the first 4 weeks of their page going live. After this date, any such changes will be deemed outside of the purchased subscription and may incur additional charges.

  4. Payment terms are €100 on commission of a new page with any remaining costs due on completion of all work

  6. Payment for amendments to a Club/Group’s web page (that are outside of their subscription) will be 50% on commission of the work with the remaining 50% due on completion and publication to the live web page.

  8. ClubNews365 are not liable for the content contained within any Club or Group’s web page. Should any content be deemed inflammatory, defamatory, offensive or incorrect ClubNews365 reserve the right to remove such comment or statement.

  10. If a service contract is not renewed on the expiration of the most recent one, the ClubNews365 webpage associated with that contract will be removed from the clubnews365.com web portal and all content deleted.

We will also help you by maintaining your page to ensure that it stays up to date and relevant to current and prospective members and sponsors. We will agree a schedule of when your page will be updated allowing members to get the latest information at the same time each week/month.