About ClubNews365

cn365logo1500x500ClubNews365 was established in late 2014 in Limerick, Ireland by Tom Pearse. At ClubNews365 we aim to help clubs and groups connect with their current members and potential members. We do this by creating and maintaining a dedicated online presence for your club/group. We offer an affordable and professional ‘one-page website’ for our clients. Each club/groups will pay an affordable price for the page and the upkeep of the page. We will offer numerous features which will be available to you for inclusion on your dedicated webpage. Features we offer include…

  • Your Club/Group Logo
  • Your colour scheme
  • Menu navigation
  • Welcome/About message
  • Latest results
  • Latest news
  • Upcoming events
  • Sponsor appreciation
  • Contact information
  • Contact form
  • Gallery of images/photos
  • And much more

We will also help you by maintaining your page to ensure that it stays up to date and relevant to current and prospective members and sponsors. We will agree a schedule of when your page will be updated allowing members to get the latest information at the same time each week/month.

Check out our list of Products & Services and please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions. Alternatively, go to sign up your club for a webpage and we’ll contact you!


About Us at ClubNews365